In this World of Warcraft Classic Review I will go over the time I spent in it, I am not able to comment on everything in the full game as it would take many months to cover every aspect but I will talk about my experiences with the multiple days I played it.

When logging into World of Warcraft you’re faced with the choice of which faction to chose, Horde or Alliance, you then chose one of the races that belong to the faction and then create your custom toon to adventure with. When customising your toon you can chose from one of many classes and appearance options. Each option has a detailed description to help you make your match in heaven and experience the world of Azeroth. In my experience I tried Horde for once, I had played WoW years ago and gone with a Night-elf Hunter and Druid, this time I wanted to experience something different, I tried an Undead warrior but it didn’t feel right being in the horde so I tried a human warrior. a friendly guild said they were recruiting so I quickly joined up and they told me how difficult it is to level up warriors in classic so I changed class and race a few times and well… Ended up being a Night-elf Hunter again but it felt good. The guild showed me the ropes of the old systems as I never played in the early stages of World of Warcraft and I quickly got use to it. The shining moment though was seeing these communities of people helping each other out, reminiscing about the old days of WoW. One conversation I had was those of our first experiences in game and I thought, in the past we were all young and had no care in the world, this game for a lot of people was their life, and now we had come back we had our own families, jobs, ambitions and stories, all different and unique but the one thing we all had in common was coming back to see it multiple years later and picking up where we left off. I had such a nostalgic buzz through-out my first day. Immediately after the tutorial I explored the forests and despite the graphics being very aged, it’s the nostalgia that really aids the experience through-out.

Adventuring with a guild was an extremely exciting and rewarding, team work really helps in WoW Classic whereas I hear in the current build of WoW things are much more streamlined and easier but that it isn’t a good thing. People were saying how this classic is a brilliant look-back at the glory days. Raids have been taken back to the way people liked and take more time and team-work, everything really falls under being taken back to what people wanted. Raids are more difficult, there are objectives you must all work at to complete them successfully and all in all it just feels a lot more polished then the newer version of WoW. Classic is a game that you really feel like you can just take everything in instead of having to rush everything all the time. I felt that I could sit and chat with people, get to know people, get to know the systems a little better it was great.

While I did enjoy the classic experience and the nostalgic feeling, I couldn’t help but feel I might be missing some great new additions from the current version of WoW. Things like the expansions, an easier time, quicker experiences. I’m quite an impatient gamer, I can’t sit at the one game for months on end so while Classic is great for a lot of reasons, for someone like me who likes to rapidly move forward, it probably won’t be the experience you wanted.


I had a lot of fun, getting together with people from years ago and reminiscing about the past, I enjoyed the old feelings I got but nagging in my head through-out was that, what if this takes to long? What if I don’t have time during my life to put as much time as I need to experience the full game? While the game is fantastic I do think their are a few drawbacks like this but for those who prefer a challenge, longer throughways, more team oriented gameplay, World of Warcraft Classic might be for you.


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