Constructor Plus is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Constructor Plus is a strategy game that has players building and battling other players or computer opponents to beat one of many objectives depending on the game-mode you choose. One game-mode has you fighting to see who has the most money at the end of a game, you can make money by building houses and having tenants move into the properties. The better the properties the better the money flow and by breeding the tenants you will have more cash flow because as you progress more and more higher class citizens become available. Another game-mode has you fighting for ownership of the whole neighbourhood. This involves building as many places as possible but also equally defending your areas and launching attacks to slow the opponent down. The mode I played most was freedom just to test the in-game mechanics and just play peacefully. The reason I say peacefully is because with Constructor Plus I found it very overwhelming, with the amount of things I had to look after at once and keep an eye on, all the stuff you learn in the tutorial which is quite a long one just didn’t sink in and I honestly struggled to get to grips with the game. In no way is Constructor Plus a bad game, you can see the heart and dedication that has gone into it but sadly I feel the mix of modern and classic didn’t quite go hand in hand as I felt it could have done. The UI felt dated, some of the mechanics just felt really quite complicated at times which is sad because like I said it does feel like a good game but it’s clouded over by it’s lack of simplicity and I feel in the current times you need a game that is accessible to all.

Graphically I can’t complain at all, where the mix of modern and retro styles meet it does work in the graphics and sound department. A few of the models and sounds are remixed while some use the original and I think in the visual and audio department it completely works. Building your little towns in the end looked eye catching because you would change dank old areas into quite nice ones if you chose to customise the interiors and exteriors of the properties.


Constructor Plus is a good game at heart and I can see that, but the getting to grips with it was in the end, too much for me. The tutorial felt dragged out and I just couldn’t learn it quick enough or get use to the in-game mechanics. I feel that Constructor Plus is a game for the fans of the original but for newcomers I feel that it’s a very difficult one to get into.


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