Dreams Early Access is now available on PlayStation 4 for £24.99. This is an early access price so it may change.

Dreams when it was first revealed looked phenomenal but we all wondered what was it? And how would this work? Was it a 3D LittleBigPlanet? We knew Media Molecule was behind it and our thoughts of what it could become ran wild. Fast forward a few years and we start seeing more and more content. This created a lot of hype, to think you could create almost anything on just your PlayStation 4 was incredible. The first level I had seen was created by multiple people using penguins, that creation was crazy and again the hype train started getting quicker. Fast forward some more and Media Molecule decide to release the Early Access Creators version which lets us experience what is to come in the full version.

So what is available to us at the moment? Well right now you’re able to create any dream you can think of using the vast amount of tools given to us, play other peoples levels and experience come when the title fully releases.


Let’s talk about creating. Dreams offers simple and easy to follow tutorials to introduce you into how it all works. These tutorials are set up as little games as-well to keep it both interesting and informative while getting to see what you’ve done actually come in to play. This makes you understand the system a lot easier than watching a video alone in my opinion. Once the tutorial is done you’re free to do what you want. From creating art, scenes, animations, music, sculpting, gameplay and fully fledged levels. There’s something for everyone. I myself decided to try and mess with the music system and create a little level of floating islands with different themes. This was easier than I ever thought it could be. I have 0 creating skills when it comes to models, sculpts, all that kind of thing but Dreams makes it so easy to use whether you’re good at all that stuff or not. The things you can create I don’t even think I can truly put into words, anything you want to create it honestly feels like you can do it.


If you see the Dreams Communities on Twitter, Discord, Facebook and in the game itself, you’ll truly see the capabilities of Dreams at work. Though I honestly don’t think we’ve seen the game pushed truly to its limits yet and I can imagine in the future especially at full release, the levels we’ll be seeing will baffle many. Already a guy on Twitter has turned a microphone into a working instrument, another person created a Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast like combat system, replications of old titles we use to love and brand new concepts that unleash peoples creativity and honestly provide some of the most fun game experiences available today. Dreams doesn’t say to you “Well you’re not a developer so don’t expect to be able to create masterpieces” Dreams says, “Hey you! wanna create something? JUST DO IT!”. By doing this we can truly find some incredible talent within the community and play some really unique levels.


Dreams is everything I wanted it to be and much more. What Media Molecule has created is unreal. I cannot honestly say much more than that.

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