Frontier have announced there new and upcoming title Planet Zoo. Below is a trailer.

Frontier has detailed the features tehy want for Planet Zoo and it includes extreme customisation that affects the animals lives in many ways. Each animal has information panels with individual needs, each bit of land scape, each bit by bit constructed enclosure will in turn change the lives of the animals.

Part of the Planet series that includes the fantastic Planet Coaster game, this title promises to be bigger and better than any zoo title out there. I for one cannot wait. I don’t feel there’s been a decent, Zoo management game since Zoo Tycoon 2 and I am beyond excited for this title with all the promises of customisation and personalisation. The Planet Coaster series to this day gets such a high volume of custom created content and what the community have done with it is phenomenal. I hope with Planet Zoo we see the same kind of thing.

What are your opinions on the new Planet Zoo.

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