Metro Exodus was released a few months back by 4A Games and featured the fantastic looking Ray Tracing Technology which enables Ray Traced Global Illumination. Nvidia has now decided to take the challenge on of designing the worlds first gaming laptops that feature the stunning technology. Deep Silver and Nvidia have teamed up to show Metro Exodus’s world brought to life via the new range of laptops powered with the technology. Below is a video of Metro Exodus’s Ray Tracing explained by Nvidia’s YouTube Channel.

Nvidia’s new laptops have the ability to not only provide Ray Tracing but they also have AI-enhanced graphics that enables you to witness lifelike visual effects that immerse you into the game even further than ever before. To demonstrate the power of the latest technology in the laptops, Dylan Furst was sent to Chernobyl equipped with the RTX 2090-powered Asus ROG Zephyrus S to capture the ruins that have been frozen in time. Below are the images:

I think we can all agree that these images and the laptops look impressive. I know I could use one right now with my PC as it’s becoming extremely ancient and slowly shutting down. What is your opinion on these laptops? Worth getting or not?

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