Beat Cop developed by Pixel Crow and published by 11 Bit Studios is now available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS.


Beat Cop puts you in the shoes of Jack Kelly, a former detective accused of murder he didn’t commit. Your role is to prove your innocence while also doing your duties as a Beat Cop in Brooklyn New York.

The story of Beat Cop is slowly drip fed to you through moments and objectives throughout the game which it made it quite enjoyable. Jack Kelly investigates a murder he has been framed for and along the way he will discover shocking secrets and crazy twists. What I had a love/dislike relationship with is the fact that some of the objectives are miss-able. This is mostly due to the fact that you need to raise enough money for food to keep your stamina up and to pay your wife alimony in which the Captain will keep on nagging you about it. Not only that but if you want to earn enough to pay for your ex-wife and use money for other opportunities that pop up in-game, you’ll have to do the odd job for The Mafia and Gang. That isn’t as easy as it sounds though, you’re given a reputation sheet, you will be judged by the Police, Mafia, Crew and People. Each move will either please somebody or anger someone else so you have to be careful. In my play-through I tried to keep the Police ranked to the highest but also keeping the Mafia and Gang as neutral as possible. In the end I managed to get a fairly good ending but it wasn’t the easiest to pull off. I think juggling everything at once can be really overwhelming at times but the risk and reward does pay off. I just felt that perhaps for other gamers that like a steady experience, this probably isn’t for them.


As mentioned in the story section, you’re a Beat Cop, it requires you to do Beat Cop things, for example: Writing tickets, reporting, checking the streets, establishing relationships with local businesses and stopping petty crime. Apart from the checking the tyres and lights, I really enjoy the little tasks that made you feel like a real cop.

All these tasks that you take on feel like tiny little mini-games within a game and I really enjoyed it. Whether it be a little menial task of checking on someone or guarding a murder scene it seriously felt like every action had an impact on my game. I struggled to put the controller down because there’s just so much to do and the Brooklyn street you patrol feels so alive so much so that I was literally stuck in it, nothing around me mattered I was fully in Jack Kelly mode.

As a police officer you’ll have your ticket book with you in the bottom of the UI, a gun for when the crimes go wrong and they pull a gun on you, a notebook to track your objectives, your notes to help guide you when you’ve uncovered something relating to a mission you’re on and APB’s. It’s easy enough to navigate I just found the combat sections a little difficult at times. Like mentioned above, the game can get overwhelming fast if you try to take to much on. I found myself having to skip some tasks because I really wanted to complete the main objectives.

Graphics and Sound

I love the beautiful 16 bit art style, it just fits so perfectly with the 80’s cop theme. The street feels so alive with people doing different things at random each day, civilians warning you or asking things in the street to people having simple conversations. I just love how alive the developers made this game. (We need a sequel guys).

The music in this game is some of the best music in a game ever. The reason I feel this way is the fact that the songs on the streets that play at random from metal heads blasting tunes out the window to break dancers with there hip-hop on giant boom boxes, it aids the game so much in feeling alive. Well there is another reason and the reason is below:


Beat Cop was a pleasure to play, I seriously enjoyed everything about it, story, game-play, graphics and audio, it was all a blast. The open ended decision making, the amount of activity that goes down is just both absolutely stunning but it can also be very overwhelming.


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