Google has released several teasers for what looks to be a new video game. “Its vision for the future of gaming” will be unveiled at the game developers conference this Tuesday.

The teasers don’t show much other than what appears to be some nature scenes, the crew section of a Chinook helicopter, a garage with multiple cars, and what appears to be a room full of machinery. Each setting is different from the other this makes it seem more likely that it’s different games instead of just one big title.

Google recently received a patent for a controller. Some believe it could be a streaming service, while others believe it could be a new piece of hardware being shown off all together. While this is purely speculation, the GDC is coming up fast. You can tune in 19 March at 1pm EST on the GDC YouTube channel HERE. Below is Google’s trailer for there upcoming GDC appearance:

Piece written by Takoda Bradberry.

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