Goldfire Studios is happy to announce that their Spacecraft Design MMO Exocraft is now ready to launch on Steam, PC and Mac. The trailer features below:

Players start on a dying alien world in which they must command there very own mining fleet. The mining fleet will consist of little drones that will defend you against the anicent unknown enemy that infests the planet. The mining fleet will gather resources to upgrade and build new ships to take on the enemy as they get tougher. The game is set in a massive multiplayer world so you will see other players also having to commit to the same challenge as you. This is what James Simpson the developer behind Exocraft had to say about it:

“Exocraft has its roots in simple IO games like and, but it grew to be something much bigger,” said James Simpson. “We wanted to create the next evolution of the genre with persistent progression, gameplay depth and an extensive community element.” The result is a unique combination of action, strategy, management and simulation.

Unlike most games that require server selection or limited size arenas, the Exocraft world grows and shrinks based on the number of online players. Everyone shares the same massive world and competes for the same pool of resources, ensuring you and your friends can always play together and enjoy the same gameplay experience.

Simpson added that “most people aren’t aware of game development in OKC, but interest in the indie scene is rapidly growing, and we’re proud to be one of the catalysts of that growth with our own success and our organizing of the Oklahoma Game Developers meetup with 500+ members.”

What are your opinions on Exocraft?

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