Days Gone the upcoming open-world Zombie Freaker action game developed by Bend Studio will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 26th 2019.

Players must take on the role of Deacon St. John, an outlaw biker but with a huge heart. Deacon played by Sam Witwer, is surviving the apocalypse with his bike, best friend Boozer and memories of his wife Sarah who sadly it seems passed away. Deacon must survive the apocalypse with a heavy weight on his shoulders of the loved ones he lost and the world that once was. In Days Gone players must survive by any means, whether it be hunting, doing favours for survivors to earn rewards, taking out the Freakers and much more. As the player progresses in Deacons story, more will be revealed about the virus and the government agency Nero that still seems to hang around despite the end of the world.

Recently an in-game map of the open world was leaked and you can view it below:

The full map hasn’t been fully revealed by Bend Studio yet but this is portions from screenshots that appear on many other gaming sites.

Recently gaming sites and journalists were given the chance to preview the game again after a couple of websites weren’t wholly impressed with what they saw. This time round the websites that thought Days Gone wasn’t as good as what they thought are now praising the game and saying how much better it is now and that they can’t wait to dig into the big open-world to play Deacons story.


At first when I saw the reveal of Days Gone, I couldn’t wait, I love zombies Freakers and I love open-world but with time and delays I started to get a little bit concerned with the lack of advertising, it seemed to just go quiet for a time. Last year as mentioned above, journalists got the chance to preview it and felt like Days Gone was nothing special and the open world was slightly disappointing. Now I understand we need to make our own opinions but the media does at-least for me in gaming, sway your opinions and honestly the previews had me worried. Just this week the journalists were invited back to preview the game again and each of the people that gave negative previews have changed there minds and gone into detail about how wrong they were and how they can’t wait for it now. This instantly restored my hype. I’m not expecting the game to be revolutionary but the aspect of the game and from what we’ve seen and read recently seem to fit in with what I personally want out of a game like this.

What are your opinions on Days Gone so far?

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