Chasing Carrots and The Irregular Corporation are teaming up to bring Good Company a Corporate Machinery Simulator to Steam Early Access. You can view the trailer below:

Good Company merges business, economics, sales, marketing, profit and more business to ensure your success. Players will have to build their companies from the very bottom and work all the way up to the top to be one of the greatest corporations of all time.

Players can either play on there own or with a friend while managing their business and building the best corporation possible.

Good Company uses a colourful 1980’s inspired world to give it that colourful and bright look which has seriously hooked me in on the trailer alone. The team had this to say about there upcoming title:

“We’re very excited to be working alongside The Carrots to publish Good Company”, said Pete Simmons, Marketing Director for The Irregular Corporation, “Chasing Carrots have amassed a huge community following for this title in a very short space of time”

“The long-standing experience in marketing and publishing Irregular brings into this partnership is what Good Company as a project was vitally missing.”, said Dominik Schneider, Co-Founder of Chasing Carrots, ”For us, it’s a perfect fit. They are a very pleasant yet professional bunch and we’re very happy to have signed with them.”

I love Sim Management games and Good Company looks absolutely fantastic and I will be keeping an eye on it to see how it grows over time. What do you think of the title?

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