Spike Chunsoft the Japan-based video game development company is proud to announce that Steins Gate Elite is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A trailer features below:

Steins Gate Elite will have players follow a group of young tech-savvy lab members who discover a way to time travel and change there past via e-mail on a modified microwave. Naturally, with time travel, not all goes to plan. The lab members start experimenting with the system and it starts to go out of control and end up roping themselves into a conspiracy surrounding the strange organisation of SERN.

Stein Gate Elite comes with a limited edition as well as a standard edition. The standard edition on the Switch comes with 8-BIT ADV Steins Gate and the PlayStation 4 comes with Steins Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. The limited edition contains the listed items below:

•        100+ page Hardcover Storyboard Collection — Storyboards for the newly-created animated scenes specifically for STEINS;GATE ELITE. Kenichi Kawamura, director of theSTEINS;GATE 0 anime series, was in charge of creating each storyboard. 
•        Exclusive Cloth Poster – Features original artwork designed specifically for this limited edition. 
•        Custom Outer Box 

Will you be picking Steins Gate Elite up? If so which console is your console of choice?

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