A little over 3 years ago the mighty Guitar Hero franchise came back to consoles with their new instalment Guitar Hero Live.  Unfortunately for fans, it was not to last with sales dwindling, player base diminishing Activision made the decision to close the servers for the much loved Guitar Hero Live TV back in December. As fans of the game will know unfortunately that was the best part of Guitar Hero Live, and most of us now have our plastic guitar peripheral collecting dust in a corner somewhere.

Activision has now announced a minority of customers (those in the US) can apply for a refund providing they bought Guitar Hero Live between December 2017 and January 2019. Players can apply for a refund by filling in a claim form, which can be found here..

Activision is yet to announce why they have made the decision to reimburse certain players, or if the refund will be provided to other countries.

Rest In Peace Guitar Hero Live TV we miss you.

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