Fans of the Dark Souls trilogy will be able to get their hands on the Dark Souls Trilogy Collectors Edition from the 31st of May 2019.

Featured below is a list of what you can get inside the collector’s edition from the Bandai Namco website:

  • “The DARK SOULS™ TRILOGY, including Dark Souls™ Remastered, Dark Souls™ II: Scholar of The First Sin, Dark Souls™ III: The Fire Fades™, plus all DLC content for all three games
  • A high-quality, numbered, and hand-painted 34cm Elite Knight at the Bonfire statue
  • The DARK SOULS™ TRILOGY soundtrack – featuring 6 soundtrack CDs with music from all three games
  • And a 460-page DARK SOULS™ TRILOGY compendium * – containing illustrated maps with boss and NPC locations, item encyclopedia, a bestiary of enemies and bosses, and a manuscript of all dialogue from each game reiterate.”

You can pre-order the collector’s edition HERE. For 449.99 GBP and is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Dark Souls took the gaming world by storm in 2011 and was a hit with critics and gamers alike. The challenge of Dark Souls is still referenced today with people calling other titles that are similar to it, Soul like games. Personally I love the Dark Souls games but I always get stuck around 80% through because I fail in most video games to ever master dodging skills, I hope that in the future we see more of Dark Souls and more great looking collectors editions like these.

2 thoughts on “Dark Souls Trilogy Collectors Edition Revealed

  1. That is a crazy price for a collectors edition. The most I ever spent was on halo 5 which was £200 and that was a hard decision. I do really love the dark souls series but I already have them all so I wouldn’t need this but it is still a lot even if I didn’t already own them.

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