First of all, bet you’re thinking “what has a music record company got to do with games” well my friends you will find there is a method to this madness if you will kindly read on.

Wired Productions is best known in the indie gaming scene for publishing titles such as Victor Vran, AVICII Invector, Arcade Paradise and more, have recently launched their brand new record label Black Razor Records.

Black Razor Records’ debut EP Arcade Paradise is a 4 track EP from the video game of the same name. The song Arcade Paradise follows the story of Ashley and their dysfunctional relationship with their father, combining anger and determination to show just what can be done with the right focus. The Arcade Paradise EP is a collaboration between writers Kieron Pepper (ex-Prodigy live drummer 1997-2007), Ben Pickersgill (Brighton producer [Klax, Critical]), and singer Stu Brootal (Ivar & The Horde)

The EP is available to purchase on Bandcamp for just £3 and all proceeds will be donated to Safe In Our World well worth the purchase if you ask me.

Arcade Paradise EP Tracklist:

  • Ivar & The Horde – Arcade Paradise (Explicit)
  • Ivar & The Horde – Arcade Paradise (Future Funk Squad Electro Mix)
  • Ivar & The Horde – Arcade Paradise (Radio Edit)
  • Ivar & The Horde – Arcade Paradise (Instrumental)

For more information or to buy the EP click here

To learn more about the mental health charity Safe In Our World click here

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