Wired Productions are back at it again with a really interesting title developed by Nosebleed Interactive called Arcade Paradise!

What is Arcade Paradise you say? Well, your father, voiced by the lovely Doug Cockle tasks his child (you) in running the family business, a laundromat. They obviously at first despise this move, would much rather be doing more than just cleaning clothes and looking after the place. That is until they discover in the back some old arcade machines. Discovering the arcade machines and how much money they’re making, they get the idea of expanding the laundromat into a full-blown arcade so people can play games while they wait. The wonderful thing about these games though is that each is a beautifully handcrafted fun retro titles that the player can play and even set high scores, so it’s a bit like an Inception kind of thing, a game within a game.

Now the laundromat tasks may sound a bit dull when you first hear about them but Nosebleed Interactive made each task feel very retro and arcade-like, to the point where even looking after that side of things becomes quite amusing, though it’s so easy to lose time on the arcade games in the back of the shop. Each game feels like a fleshed-out old retro title, you’d think that having this many arcade cabinets that the games would be rushed, a bit like GTA 5’s arcade where one or two of the games feel cool but the rest are really rushed and mostly clones of other cabinets in the warehouse, but no, each of these games feels like a brilliant and addictive full game, the quality and effort put into each is nothing short of wonderful. I honestly did get pretty hooked on air hockey and the car game that was similar to Pac-Man.

Wired Productions seem to always catch some unique indie titles and Arcade Paradise felt unique, an arcade-management game where you can interact with near enough everything in-game feels as if a lot of love has gone into this title. Graphics-wise the game ran on my 2060 RTX and a full 4K and I felt no frame drops and the game just looks great it suits its retro vibes, you’re in a dank little laundromat in a grimy looking street but once you get going on the arcade machines, you can tell it will turn into something beautiful. The sound design is also fantastic, the soundtrack that accompanies the game is great to listen to, the effects you get from even just throwing the bin bag in the trash can out the back is funny because it’s all lined up with the retro feel.


My time so far with Arcade Paradise has been great, I can’t wait to see what Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive have for us down the line, an arcade management sim is honestly what I wanted in a game, I love management sims and this one ticks all the boxes but strives even further and lets you experience what you have built. Arcade Paradise releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the Spring of 2022. You can also play the demo on Steam right now.

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