The Falconeer developed by Tomas Sala and published by Wired Productions is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Players take off into the ocean world of the Great Ursee where factions are at war with each other in a massive conflict for power. Players will be able to take on quests in its beautiful open world to align with certain factions and settlements which also opens up new quests and dialogue. I enjoyed getting to know everyone, each NPC has unique dialogue and lots to say, the world of Ursee has a lot of lore in it which helps bring it to life and set a picture of how bad things have gotten but paints a wonderful story of what this oceanic world can be like.

The Falconeer feels that of an arcade dogfighting game but as someone who flew birds of prey for 7 years, I can tell you that the bird flight pays attention to how falcons do fly. We’ll call it the big ass bird because it’s a fantastic name. The big ass bird needs to make sure he has the stamina to successfully fly effortlessly by dropping down, using wind tunnels and pockets of wind coming up from the ocean, it’s amazing how one developer Tomas Sala managed to get such attention to detail in the bird’s flight alone. I enjoyed the combat as-well though felt bad when taking other birds out, it was smooth, the focus camera made for a movie like action sequence and if you wanted to capture these epic scenes the game has a wonderful and easy to use photo-mode. The quests are very fun to take on, some do get a little repetitive as you go but each mission utilises what you’ve learnt along the way and lets you get better each time to the point that you’ll become a master of the skies in no time ready to take on some of the more challenging missions. For those who love to explore though, look no further, The Falconeer has a beautiful world to discover and one that did feel alive while exploring it, with little settlements dotted around, strange anomalies in the ocean and treasure troves to discover the game caters to those who might just want to boot the game up for a short time. On PC I can’t recommend controller play enough, the game was optimised for a controller so mouse and keyboard would be quite difficult to use, either way, though the controls are smooth, well thought out and I enjoyed flying around Ursee just taking in the sights. One of my favourite things to do was fly in thunderstorms especially at night which isn’t just an incredible experience but it also replenishes ammo when taking out other birds, boats and more. The environment isn’t just pretty to look at, there is a ton to aid you in combat and use to break the line of sight if you need a quick break from combat.

The oceanic world of Ursee is damn beautiful, I ran this game on an Nvidia 2060RTX and often it struggles to manage 4k resolution on many games understandably, but I like to see if it is possible when it comes to reviewing video games. The Falconeer runs on ultra at 4k, with a solid smooth 60fps and looks stunning through-out my time in the game. One of the only titles that my PC runs this well at 4k and it is a pure joy to experience how beautiful this game is. Again one developer did this and it amazes me at the detail and quality that has gone into it all. Not only the looks but all of the background and lore details. If you have money lying around, I can’t recommend it enough just to experience the creativity that came out of the developer’s mind. The soundtrack is brilliant, it aids the game so well, whether it be exploring or fighting in an epic dog fight to end all battles, it matches up so well.


The Falconeer is a fantastic title, as soon as it was announced I was hyped, two major things in my life, falconry and gaming and it combined the two so perfectly, it never felt like it used birds in just a, “hey we got big ass birds” the detail that has gone into the control, the feel and the looks is truly spot on. While some missions do get a little repetitive along the way and the dogfighting might not be for everyone’s tastes I think The Falconeer is a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see more.


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