Wired Productions today have announced that they’re teaming up with the Tom Bergling Foundation and Hell There Games to bring Avicii Invector that pays tribute to the late DJ. Avicii Invector is a rhythm experience which fuses his uplifting EDM music couples with serene visualscapes to allow everyone to experience the music in a whole new way. A trailer features below:

Tim Bergling aka Avicii was a life long gamer and was working on Avicii Invector for two years and saw the game release on PlayStation 4. The upcoming multi-platform release will help celebrate and bring his music and creativity to the world. Since his tragic passing in 2018, the Tim Bergling Foundation and many more artists want to celebrate his memory and pay homage with this wonderful project.

The game will release on Xbox One, Nintendo switch and PC and be relaunched on PlayStation 4. 25% of all game proceeds will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation.

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