Wired Productions and Caged Element are proud to announce that GRIP Combat Racing has received a Big Ass Update! The update is available today 31st of January on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and soon the Nintendo Switch. A quote from Wired Productions is shown below the image:

“This is just the start. Resetting the tracks, fine-tuning under the hood, if you will. There will be more updates, more tweaking based on your feedback but also more content.

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for your extraordinary patience and support. As a small team it means the world knowing we have such a dedicated set of fans, and from early access to today, you continue to play a huge role in how GRIP continues and the direction we take.

The update will go live throughout the day on Thursday 31st of January – the time is dependant on your local region and the platform holder (It’s normally around the afternoon local time) so hang tight if it’s not live for you when you wake up! 

Below lists the update changes. If you have feedback head to our Discord Page where we have servers set up and our team online listening!”

The complete patch notes can be found HERE.

GRIP: Combat Racing developed by Caged Element and published by Wired Productions is the spiritual successor to the classic Roll Cage back on the PlayStation 1. Players will get the chance to race on different planets each with unique looks and gameplay elements. For people who like speed, GRIP is right up your street as you’ll race at speeds going up to 350mph while breaking the law of physics riding on the side of walls and upside down in crazy underground systems.

Whether you’re a solo player or someone who likes to take it online, GRIP has it all.

GRIP: Combat Racing is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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